Advantages And Disadvantages Of Inverter Air Conditioners

The Inverter Compressor become first developed by using Toshiba, Japan for industrial use with Cooling Appliances like Air Conditioner. While the general kinds of compressors eat excessive electricity, the inverter compressors utilize strength in an optimized manner.

Normal inverter compressors constantly operate at the same velocity, whereas, inverter compressors changes velocity while the demand fluctuates. It regulates the go with the flow of refrigerant all through the refrigeration cycle.

Having such a lot of benefits, there are some hazards to the inverter air conditioner too. At the cease of the item, you will be able to recognize the standard execs and cons of inverter compressors really.


Can an Inverter Air Conditioner assist the person?
Advantages of Inverter Air Conditioners
Drawbacks of Inverter AC
Power Consumption Calculator of Inverter AC
Frequently Asked Questions
Can An Inverter Air Conditioner Help To Reduce Power Consumption?
An inverter air conditioner works with the help of a cooling substance referred to as refrigerant. The predominant component of the sort of cooling device is the compressor. It adjustments the segment of the refrigerant by using compressing it through condenser, evaporator, and throttle valve.

The refrigerant gets heated with a excessive temperature of the room whilst it passes via the condenser. After that, the refrigerant is throttled to the evaporator (to the out of doors unit) liberating warmness to the outside of the room. This system is known as the Refrigeration Cycle.

Instead of the overall form of compressor, an inverter air conditioner is constructed with the inverter compressor. It has some brilliant benefits over the typically used compressors that can help the user to reduce strength consumption in a huge quantity.

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Advantages Of Inverter Air Conditioner
Inverter air conditioners use energy in an superior manner. Generally, greater the fluctuations in electrical load and higher the running extent of the room result in common operation of the compressor at speedy pace. It outcomes in better electricity consumption. In the case of the inverter air conditioner, the speed of the compressor varies with the running load, minimizing the electricity bill.
Inverter Air Conditioners additionally paintings excellent when there may be a fluctuation inside the load like marriage hall, indoor activities, convention room, massive places of work.
Using an Inverter air conditioner can also assist you store the cash and the greater rate may be recovered inside a few months.
It is suitable for all size of rooms. In a huge room, it is able to devour a bit extra power as compared to a smaller room as energy consumption relies upon on the load. Higher the room size more will be the load.
Uniform and regular room temperature can be maintained inside the room in case you use an inverter air conditioner.
If you plan to use solar electricity for cooling, inverter air conditioners are the maximum famous preference.
It can quiet down the room at a much higher charge than non-inverter air conditioners.
In Inverter air conditioners, the noise and vibration are drastically decreased.
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Here is a video by LG at the blessings of a dual rotary inverter compressor.

Disadvantages Of Inverter Air Conditioner
The biggest drawback of an inverter air conditioner is the high charge. The inverter compressor is a complicated kind of compressor that has a complicated layout leading to better production prices. Check Price of LG 1.Five Ton Inverter Air Conditioner on Amazon.
Comparatively better repair and maintenance charges than non-inverter air conditioners.
The effectiveness of cooling may additionally lower if the outside temperature is just too hot, near 46°C.
Power Consumtion Of Air Conditioner
Compare Inverter and Non-inverter AC energy intake
Select AC capacity*

1 Ton
Select Star Rating*

three Star
Run time of Air Conditioner/ Day (Hrs)*
Unit Price (Rs)*
Assumptions: cooling ability of 1 ton= 3.517 kW, ISEER= four, 60% uptime of compressor
Units Consumed in step with Day by way of Non-Inverter AC (Units)
Units Consumed according to Day through Inverter AC (Units)
Estimated Monthly Electricity Bill for Non-Inverter AC (Rs.)
Estimated Monthly Electricity Bill for Inverter AC (Rs.)


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